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About me
Although my family had chickens when I was little, it was just in my supposed adulthood that I got back into it, and boy have I learned alot and learned how much I have yet to learn. But that's the fun of it.

My husband is supportive, the people are great, and the birds are wonderful!

About getting started
Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most experienced poultryman or woman knew NOTHING at one point in time. The best part is learning, and hopefully you'll continue to do that throughout your whole time with your birds.

If you're just starting out, keep with it. There will be hard times where you'll want to give up, but that's just to test your resolve. Pass the test! It's a great hobby with great people.

About getting involved
As always, I encourage people to get involved in the poultry world! Go to shows, see what's going on in your area. Most of all, join a club or two - support the people who support your breeds. ABA and APA are fine poultry associations, and your local clubs will be able to tell you where the local shows are and give you support in your poultry endeavors.

Feel free to email me or check out the links, below, to find a club that is right for you!

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